Send Thousands of Emails a Day Cheap With Amazon Simple Email Service and iMacMailer

Deliver nearly 100% of your mass email messages to Inboxes and not to the Spam folders

In this post you will learn how to deliver your mass email messages to recipients’ Inboxes and not to their Spam folder. It can be achieved by using Amazon SES (Amazon Simple Email Service) and iMacMailer on your Mac.

If you use an SMTP account to deliver your mass messages, you deliver only 23% of your messages to Inboxes of your recipients and the rest ends up in their Spam folders. Also, If you use a free SMTP account for that, no way can you send more than 500 emails a day.

So… With SMTP you’ve got only 2 choices:

  • Subscribe for a good bulk email account and pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in monthly fees.
  • Or pay less by setting up your own mail server properly with a fixed IP address, SPF, DKIM and Forward/Reverse DNS Resolution.

But setting up your own SMTP server is not easy…

Even before you start with your own mail server, you’ll have to study 40 pounds worth of paper in books, manuals and ”easy-to-read-and-follow” nine hundred page user guides, just to make this thing work!

So, can you send thousands of messages a day without spending hundreds of dollars monthly? And… Definitely, without a degree in computer science?

Yes you can! You can do it by using Amazon SES web service instead of SMTP.

Amazon SES is a highly-scalable and cost-effective bulk email sending service

Amazon SES stands for Amazon Simple Email Service. It was created for people like you who need to send thousands of bulk email messages a day cheap.

Amazon SES Pricing is amazing! You pay per Gigabytes of transfer and not per messages sent! Literally, pennies!

The first GB per month is FREE!

  • Up to 10 Terabytes per month is only 12 cents per Gigabyte
  • The Next 40 Terabytes per month is 9 cents per Gigabyte
  • Next 100 Terabytes per month is 7 cents per Gigabyte
  • Next 350 Terabytes per month is 5 cents per Gigabyte

Meaning the more you send the less you pay per message. There are NO monthly fees, so If you don’t use it, you pay nothing for it!

Many people I know, send thousands of emails a day through Amazon SES, and none of them pay more than $10 bucks a month for that!

How do you send your mass email messages through Amazon SES?

Amazon SES is not SMTP, and it does not offer a web interface where you can compose your messages and upload your email lists.

So, how can you send emails using is?

Easily! By using iMacMailer email marketing software on your Mac. iMacMailer natively supports Amazon SES the same way as most email programs support SMTP. Meaning, you just sign up for an Amazon SES account the same way as you sign up for a Gmail account, and then you add it to the list of outgoing accounts on iMacMailer. Then you can compose your message and send it out to your subscribers cheap.

But most importantly, Amazon is in a good relationship with all email providers

Amazon has delivery arrangements with most of the large email providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail and AOL, which means that nearly 100% of the messages you send through Amazon SES, get delivered to recipients’ Inboxes and not to their Spam folders!

You will be sending your emails through the same infrastructure that online Amazon stores use to deliver millions of email messages to their customers every day… And, you know… They all get delivered!

Now imagine, YOU could deliver almost 100% of your emails and sales letters to your subscribers instead of the miserly 23% on average!!!

Can you imagine the freedom it would create for your business and personal lifestyle?

Amazon’s infrastructure is the best in the world, and you can take advantage of it by using iMacMailer on your Mac!

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