B2B Email Marketing

B2B email marketing is a way of promoting products and services by sending email messages to people. It’s done by creating a free informational website on the Internet, where people can read useful open information and subscribe to a free newsletter or e-magazine for even more useful stuff.

This way you can collect email addresses of people that are interested in the information you publish, and along with the free stuff, you can offer paid stuff in your newsletters as well. Good B2B email marketing assumes you advertise only those things in your newsletters that are related to the things you discuss in your newsletters otherwise the things you advertise will be ignored by your readers.

Product reviews and context advertisement, work much better than just regular direct advertisement so you should always concentrate on how to blend sales information into your newsletters in a smooth way so it wouldn’t be even considered as such.

Let’s say you offer a free website and a newsletter on fishing. In this newsletter you can periodically do reviews of fishing rods, and can describe some rare ways of catching fish with the use of rare equipment only one store in the world sells (you). You shouldn’t emphasize that you sell this stuff. You store must be presented as a third-party so you could earn more trust.

In order to carry out B2B email marketing, you need to have a good B2B email marketing software. When you choose one, you want it to automate the following things:

  • Subscription.
  • Unsubscription.
  • Removal of bad email addresses.

Because if you create a very popular resource, you’re gonna have thousands of new subscribers joining your list every day. And you’ll have hundreds of those who leave your list and dozens of those who enter wrong email addresses while subscribing. When your email list becomes too large, let’s say over 200,000 people, you will not be able to manage it manually. That’s impossible. You’ll have to automate it.

When you do your B2B email marketing, you also want to automate message delivery, and you want to personalize every message you send. Message personalization means you can mention recipient personal details such as names, birthdays, order numbers and so on in your messages, which may be a very good idea especially when you offer products and services related to the original purchase in your order follow-up messages.

Depending on whether you use Mac or PC, you can have B2B email marketing software for Mac OS X or B2B email marketing software for Windows. I use both platforms so I have two different software products at the same time.

I use Mac Mass Mailer on my Mac Book Pro laptop and Advanced Emailer on my Windows desktop. These B2B email marketing software solutions, in my opinion, are the best.

If you need more information about Mac Mass Mailer, click on this button:

If you need more information about Advanced Emailer, click on this button:

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