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Mass mailers is a special type of software used for sending email messages to large groups of people called email lists. Mass mailers are different, some of them work on Macs, and some don’t. When it comes to finding the best mass mailer for Mac, you should consider a lot of things, such as:

  • Compatibility – your mass mailer must be compatible with all versions of Mac OS X.
  • Efficiency – only the best mass mailer for mac will send messages fast requiring the absolute minimum of computer resources.
  • Message personalization – you want your mass mailer for Mac to be able to produce messages that use personal salutations and reference personal details.
  • Message templates – only the best mass mailer for mac offers reusable plain-text and HTML message templates.
  • Good import and export – you need it to move your people from let’s say Address Book to the mass mailer.
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe – usually automates addition of new people to the database, and removal of the existing people from the database if they wish to unsubscribe.
  • Bounce back management – only the best mass mailers for Mac can remove dead addresses that cause bounce backs (email messages with delivery errors sent by your server back)
  • Built-in HTML and plain-text message editor – lets you create beautiful eye-catching messages.

There are a lot of mass mailers for Mac, but only a few of them actually meet the listed above requirements. You can have a mailer that will not be compatible with the latest Mac OS version, or with the version you currently have. Or it may not be efficient enough, and your machine will just freeze up while sending.

You are not getting a mass mailer for just sending messages. You want to automate everything around it also. You want your mailer to add and remove people automatically based on what they want, and you want to automatically trash bad addresses.

After many years of using different mass mailers, I finally discovered the best mass mailer for Mac. I found Mac Mass Mailer. Mac Mass Mailer has everything described above. And it automates all aspects of mass mailing.

It has a very nice user interface, and a great functionality that greatly exceeds what is actually required.

You can download Mac Mass Mailer – the best mass mailer for Mac by clicking on the button below:

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