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Bulk email software is designed for sending bulk email to a large number of recipients. When we are talking about sending the same message to a number of people, we are talking about bulk email.

Bulk email is necessary, if you want to notify a large number of people about an event happening in your company, or to send a newsletter to them. There are hundreds of situations, when bulk email is appropriate, and please don’t mistake bulk email for spam.

Spam is always unsolicited, and always unrelated to interest of recipients. It’s a random advertisement sent to random people. As opposed to that, bulk email is sent to people who want to receive it. People subscribe to bulk email, and they expect to receive your messages that are of their interest.

A good example of bulk email would be a free newsletter on how to make paper castles. You offer a free website on making paper castles and offer a free subscription to an e-magazine on the subject. You send your messages, and people read and enjoy them. From time to time you advertise related products in your newsletters. Let’s say you do reviews of different glues in your newsletters, and offer an option to order them from your website.

To send bulk email, you need to use bulk email software that automates message delivery, subscription, unsubscription, bad address removal, and can personalize your messages. You can not use your regular email program for that, because if you do so, you will have to MANUALLY add new subscribers to your address book, remove the once who wish to unsubscribe, and remove people with bad addresses. If your email list grows to thousands of subscribers with hundreds getting in and out every day, you will not be able to handle it by hand. That’s simply impossible!

However if you use bulk email software, you won’t have to even touch anything. Your email list will be updated automatically when there are new changes, and all you’ll have to do is to compose and send your letters.

Depending on whether you use Mac or PC, you can have bulk email software for Mac OS X or bulk email software for Windows. I use both platforms so I have two different software products at the same time.

I use Mac Mass Mailer on my Mac Book Pro laptop and Advanced Emailer on my Windows desktop. These bulk email software solutions, in my opinion, are the best.

If you need more information about Mac Mass Mailer, click on this button:

If you need more information about Advanced Emailer, click on this button:

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