Bulk Mail Mac

Sending bulk mail from Mac is easy

All you need to do in order to get going is to install a bulk mail Mac software, and then add subscription and unsubscription web forms to your website.

To send bulk mail Mac Mail or any other email client can be used, but it’s not gonna be as convenient as a specialized bulk email program.

Mac OS platform only recently became popular, so when it comes to bulk mail Mac software, you have to choose from only a few options, and later, I’ll give you more information on what software I use for my needs.

Good recipient database is important!

Bulk mail is always addressed to a large number of recipients, that’s why you need your bulk mail Mac software to provide you with a good stable high-performance recipient database, otherwise you’ll fail once your email list will grow to a certain critical size.

Good recipient database will also ease search and filtering, and will let you instantly derive new targeted email lists from your existing lists, which may be important for some cases.

Subscribe automation

Legally, you cannot send messages to people without having their consent, so you have to offer your website visitors a web form they can use to subscribe to your email list. Since people don’t want to share their email addresses in exchange for nothing or something salezy, you have to offer a high-quality and useful content in your newsletters if they subscribe.

If you offer something helpful and free at the same time, your website visitors will be gladly subscribing to your email list every day. I offer free email marketing lessons to my web site visitors, and 30% of my website visitors subscribe to my email list.

Good bulk mail Mac software automates subscription fully. Once your website visitor fills in the subscription form, you receive a new entry in your recipient database automatically.

Unsubscribe automation

You should also provide your readers with an option to unsubscribe from your email list anytime they decide to, by adding an unsubscribe link to every email message you send.

This option is required by law, and some subscribers may leave your email list using it. However, if your newsletters are really helpful and interesting, people will stay subscribed as long as you keep feeding them with the “good stuff”.

Good bulk mail Mac software automates unsubscription fully. Once recipient clicks on your unsubscribe link, it immediately gets removed from your database automatically.

Bad email address removal

While sending it’s not clear, if email addresses of your recipients are valid or not, that’s why good bulk mail Mac software checks your mailbox after every mail out and analyzes bounce backs (error messages sent by mailer daemon).

If an email address is no longer valid, it creates a bounce back every time you send a message to it, so it has to be removed from your database. Again, good bulk mail Mac software removes recipients with bad addresses from your database automatically.

Message personalization

With good bulk mail Mac software, you can personalize your email messages while sending. It means you create a message that reference personal information stored in the database through macros. Then the macros get replaced with real names, birthdays and so on when your message hits recipient’s mail box.

Message personalization is important, and necessary if you want to send let’s say invoices or offers related to the original purchase to your recipients.

Mac Mass Mailer is the best bulk mail Mac software

Mac Mass Mailer has all the features described above, and I’ve been using it for 5 years with a great success.

You can download Mac Mass Mailer by clicking on the button below:

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