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How to Create a Message Template in MacMassMailer and Send Personalized Email Messages to a List of Customers

Written by Kirill Vasilyev on July 27, 2010 at 9:00 AM

In order to personalize your email messages you need to use dynamic message templates that reference customer information through macros instead of creating static messages. In case of a static message, you send the same message to every recipient on your list which does not look good. If you use message template, every recipient will receive a unique message as if it was sent to him or her personally. This happens because message template references recipient information through macro definitions that are replaced with the real information while sending.

In this article, I will guide you through the steps on how to create a message template in MacMassMailer and send a test message to yourself. I assume you have a database of recipients and every recipient in the database has email address, name, order number, product ordered and website where he or she ordered it from. This is assumed so for illustration purposes only.

1. Start MacMassMailer, then select the Messages node in the outline view (on the left side of the main window). Then click on the + button to add a new message template.

2. In the message editor, specify Subject and enter the message itself in the Body box. Note, you have a list of macros in the left part of the message editor. These reference the standard fields such as Email and Name, and the custom fields you add in the Fields panel of the main window. In our example, we have 3 custom fields: “Order”, “Product”, and “Website”. Therefore we have 3 custom macro definitions in the list of macros that correspond to these fields. Use these macros to reference the real data fields in your message template. In the final messages the macros will be replaced with the real information stored in the database. Drag the macros from the list of macros and drop them onto the Body or Subject edit boxes.

3. Press Ok to save the new message. The new message should appear in the list of messages in the main window.

4. Now we are ready to send this message to our mailing list. But, wait! We need to test the message first. Exclude the newly created group with the real recipients by clicking on the checkbox located next to group name label in the outline view (on the left side of the main window). Then add a new test group. Name it “Test”. Then select this group in the outline view and click on the + button to add yourself as a test recipient.

5. Enter recipient information and press the Ok button. A new recipient is now added to your Test group.

6. Press the Start button on the toolbar to start sending. Then press the Start button on the sending confirmation dialog box.

7. When sending is complete, check your email. You should receive an email message like this:

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