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Direct marketing is a way of selling products and services directly to customers without participation of middlemen. It’s used by manufacturers and service providers to increase profits and cut marketing costs at the same time.

There are a lot of various direct marketing strategies, but we will focus on email direct marketing in this post. Email direct marketing is a very effective marketing strategy, and it works for digital products and services better than for anything else.

Don’t get me wrong. It works well for all types of products and services. What I really want to emphasize here is, email direct marketing will yield the maximum results, if applied to intangible digital stuff.

Direct marketing assumes you contact potential customers directly to make a sale as opposed to the regular business model where you work with whole sellers or third-party marketing companies. Email direct marketing works the same way, with only one exception, you communicate with people using email.

Email is inexpensive, and lets you contact people in a very direct way. The only problem with email is, you cannot send sales letters to people without having their consent. If you do so, you will become a spammer, your email account and web site will be terminated, and in some countries you may even be prosecuted for that.

So how do we get this consent? And how can we get thousands of email addresses of hungry buyers ready to buy your stuff? Well, it’s actually easy, much easier than you think! The solution is so straightforward, that not many people even notice it! So let me share a big secret in this post.

People like free and helpful information, free useful downloads, free software and free magazines, right? And many people will be glad to leave some personal details in exchange for that. Why can’t we use that to get their email addresses and their consent so we could communicate with them later and make some sales?

Instead of stealing email addresses somewhere and sending stupid spam, I suggest you create a website with free and useful stuff related to the products or services you are selling. Make this website attractive and popular. Give the most needed stuff through a free email subscription, and when people subscribe, ask their consent so you could also send sales letters from time to time.

Ideally, you should blend sales information into your helpful newsletters in a natural way. You should not push your potential customers too much. If someone really needs to achieve whatever your product lets him or her achieve, you’ll get your sale, and it will be nice smooth.

You should also give your existing subscribers an easy way to unsubscribe from your letters. A link at the end of every message you send will suffice.

Watch the rate at which new people join your email list and the rate at which they leave. If your newsletters are good, the first number will be several times more than the second number. You want your subscribers to stick around because at any moment they may turn into paying customers.

This is basically how email direct marketing works, and how you can get a large list of potential customers. Now I’d like to focus on software tools you can use to send email messages to large lists of people.

This way of communication with large number of people is called bulk email or mass mailing. To send bulk email, specialized bulk email software is used. This software is there to automate several things:

  • Addition of new people to email lists based on subscribe requests.
  • Removal of those people from email lists who wish to unsubscribe.
  • Removal of bad email addresses from email lists.
  • Delivery of large numbers of email messages at a desired rate.
  • Message personalization

If you use a regular email client for sending mass email messages, you will not be able to automate these things, and as a result, you will have troubles sooner or later. You will be sending messages to people who do not want to receive them anymore, and the ones who strive to have whatever you offer, won’t get a thing.

So you better prepare, and get a good mass mailer as soon as you start your email direct marketing.

Mac users can use Mac Mass Mailer for sending bulk email and Windows users can use Advanced Emailer. I used both programs on both platforms quite successfully.

If you need more information about Mac Mass Mailer, click on this button:

If you need more information about Advanced Emailer, click on this button:

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