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Email marketing lists are created by email marketing professionals in order to market products and services through email. Email marketing works much better than other traditional advertisement methods and can complement your web presence quite well.

If you wish to start using email marketing, you should know you have 2 options:

  1. You can create your own email marketing list on your website.
  2. You can send your offers through someone else’s email marketing list.

The first option assumes you have to create a useful newsletter, report or a free download, and then ask your website visitors to subscribe to it. You give them something useful in exchange for their email addresses. You present subscription to your email marketing list as something useful they really need. And you fulfill your promise by delivering free and useful stuff.

When people subscribe to your email marketing list, you ask for their consent to send business offers from time to time. Then between your newsletters, you send sales letters, which are related to the subject of your newsletters. You can also nicely blend sales information into your newsletters in such a way that your subscribers won’t even see it as such. A good example of that is product reviews, where your product is also reviewed.

The second option assumes you find free newsletter providers (the ones who offer free e-magazines), and ask them to send your sales letter to their subscribers. Free newsletter providers usually have big crowds, and if your offer is related to the subject of the newsletters the subscribers read, you have a big chance of making a big buck from every mail-out.

Please note however, newsletter providers won’t accept unrelated or too “advertizy” offers. They have their own guidelines, and you should ask for them before creating an offer. They’ll also charge you for every message you’re gonna send to their email marketing lists, and sometimes it can be very expensive, especially if they provide extremely high quality content to their subscribers.

So the option you choose depends on what you offer. If you offer inexpensive products, you better choose the option one. If you offer high-end expensive products, you can use both options. In this case even the most expensive third-party email marketing lists will give you a good pay-off.

If you choose the option one and decide to build your own email marketing list, you will need to use a good email marketing software or mass mailer. Regular email client won’t work.

If you are a Mac user, use Mac Mass Mailer. If you are a Windows user, use Advanced Emailer. I used both programs on both platforms quite successfully, and I like them both.

If you need more information about Mac Mass Mailer, click on this button:

If you need more information about Advanced Emailer, click on this button:

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