What is the difference between the free trial version and the full version of Mac Mass Mailer?

There is absolutely no difference in functionality.

The trial version is exactly the same as the full version you get once you purchase Mac Mass Mailer.

There are a few limitations though:

  • The trial version expires in 30 days
  • You can send not more than 100 messages at a time (but if you hit the Send button again, you will be able to send 100 more messages).

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  1. peter schey
    7 years ago

    can I select several groups to email at one time so people on more than one group only get one email?

    • admin
      6 years ago

      You can select groups, parts of groups and sub-select it for each sending

  2. Doug Thaler
    6 years ago

    We have about 15million emails. Can it handle that many. Is there an email verifier and cleaners avail

    • admin
      6 years ago

      Unless you are one of the Fortune 500 companies, there is no way in the world to obtain 15 million emails legally. I mean with subscriber’s confirmations and all the opt in details.
      There is no problem in the software itself, it can handle as many as you need, but the biggest problem is you will be spamming to that list and our software and our license does not allow that.

  3. Antoine
    6 years ago

    How many messages can I send in one time



    • admin
      6 years ago

      As many as you like. There are no internal limits in the software itself. It all depends on your needs and on your SMTP server

  4. edwin
    6 years ago

    if i have an “exclusion” list already, can the Mac Mass Mailer recognise these emails to be “excluded” or do I need to manually remove these emails to be excluded in any campaign?

    • admin
      6 years ago

      You can run an “unsubscribe” pass on any lists you have in mass mailer and feed the file you have.
      You can “deactivate” emails but not remove them, or delete them completely if you like.

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