What is Mac Mass Mailer?

Mac Mass Mailer is a mass email software used by email marketing professionals to send personalized mass email messages to customers.

It automates all aspects of email marketing such as addition of new subscribers, removal the ones who wish to unsubscribe, removal of bad addresses, import, export and other tasks that would otherwise take hours of your time to complete.

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  1. Jim Atwell
    8 years ago

    Can I adjust the speed emails are sent with Mac Mass Mailer? For example, can I set it to send less than 500 emails per hours?

    • admin
      8 years ago

      You can use the throttling settings for this and you can extend your sending to as long as you need it.

  2. Jim Atwell
    8 years ago

    The mistakes on your website make me believe that there will be mistakes in your software. I suggest you get all of the mistakes out of your website.

    • admin
      8 years ago

      English is not my first language, not even the second.
      It is quite easy to ascertain if the software has any errors because we provide a free demo version.
      You can simply download it and see that it’s working as needed.
      This software was created many years ago and since then thousands of people bought it and use it and do not have any problems with it.

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