How To Make An Email List In Mac Mail

Email lists are used for email marketing or for notification purposes. When you need to send a message, a newsletter or a short notification to a large list of people, you need to make an email list.

So how to make an email list in Mac Mail?

Well, first of all, Mac Mail is not designed for the purpose of sending mass email messages to email lists, so I spent a great deal of time in the past figuring out how to put everything together and make it work.

So here is how I do it…

I make an email list in Address Book. Yeah! You’ve heard it right! Apple Address Book. I use groups in order to organize my email lists. I create a separate group for every email list and then I import or add new people to this group. That’s easy huh?

I repeat this again with some pictures…

1. Create a group using the + button under groups

Make email list

2. Add new people using the + button under the list of people

Email List - Add Recipient

3. Add more people to your email list

Email List - Completed

You can also import any existing email list using the Import feature of the Address Book. Before you do that, make sure you converted your list to CSV format. CSV files can be created in iWork Numbers, Microsoft Excel and in… Well… Most of other programs.

You can find more information about CSV files in this article: How To Import CSV File

When you have your email list in CSV format, you can import it as follows…

1. Use the File->Import item of the main menu when Address Book application is active

Import Email List

2. Select your CSV file and then follow the Import Wizard steps

CSV Email List

Finally, you have your list as a group of people in your Address Book. Now I’ll show you how to make an email list in Mac Mail using this group.

1. Start Mac Mail and create a new message, then press the Address Book button in the message editor and select the people in your email list group as your “To” recipients

This is how your message will look like after pressing the “To” button:

2. Compose your message and press the Send button in the message editor to send it

And all the people listed in the “To” field will receive your message.

Now the hard truth about this method…

Problem #1

First of all, all the people on the list will see each other in the “To” field of your message as shown below, even if you use the “BCC” field (in some cases).

Received Mass Email Message

Problem #2

The other problem is the maximum number of people you can put in the “To” field of your message. Usually you can not put more than 100 people in it.

Theoretically you can, and Mac Mail will accept it, but your email provider will definitely reject your message or trim your list to meet this “100 messages max” criteria.

Problem #3

The last and the biggest problem is email list management. A lack of it to be exact…

It’s hard to add new people to the Address Book and remove the ones who want to unsubscribe. Address Book wasn’t designed for handing thousands of people with hundreds of them getting in and out every day.

So Mac Mail as a mass mailer and an email list management software is long in the past for me. My email lists have grown so significantly in the recent years that I would’ve been dead by now had I kept using Mac Mail for mass mailing…

Long story short… I switched to specialized mass email software, and I’m happy with it. I use MacMassMailer to be exact.

Now I’ll tell you how exactly MacMassMailer eliminates the problems 1, 2 and 3…

Download MacMassMailer30 Day free trial

Solution to Problem 1

MacMassMailer sends individual messages to a list of people. Every message looks like as if it was sent personally to every person using Mac Mail with only one address in the "To" field.

Also MacMassMailer lets me use personal salutations and person's specific information in my mass email messages, which in great!

Solution to Problem 2

Since MacMassMailer generates individual separate email messages for my recipients, every message has only one address in the "To" field. Problem solved! No need to worry about this "maximum 100 recipients in the To field" limit.

I can send as many email messages as I want because I use a dedicated web server for email and web hosting, which is not limited in any way.

Solution to Problem 3

MacMassMailer offers a database where you can keep all your people. This database is not limited in any way. You can add as many recipients to it as you want. It supports Import so you can import your existing email lists from any other email program including Address Book.

But the best part of this database is that you can automate addition of new people and removal of existing people. You can make MacMassMailer check your website for new subscribers and add them to the database automatically. You can also make MacMassMailer remove the people who wish to unsubscribe from your database automatically.

Man! I don't even check who's coming in and out anymore... It's done automatically, and it doesn't require my attention.


If you have more than 100 people on your email list, and expect new people to come and go, you cannot use Mac Mail to send mass email messages.

If you are within this limit, send your messages using the "BCC" field instead of the "To" field, and make sure your messages do not disclose all recipients of your list. You can check that by sending a test message to a number of your own email addresses and then inspecting the "To" and the "BCC" fields of the received messages. You shouldn't see the entire email list.

If you are in a situation when one of the said above is true, use MacMassMailer instead of Mac Mail.

You can download MacMassMailer from here:

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