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When it comes to sending personalized email messages, newsletters or notifications to your customers, some challenges usually arise. The most common problem is SMTP account limiting by email providers. Normally, nearly all email providers do not allow you to send more than 100 email messages per hour unless you pay them big bucks.

To overcome this limitation, I designed Mac Mass Mailer in such a way that you can use a number of SMTP accounts at the same time to deliver your messages. Once the currently active SMTP account fails, it is paused for an hour, and the next SMTP account on the list is used. If the second SMTP account fails, it is also paused and the third account is used.

This scenario repeats until all SMTP accouns fail. By the time the last SMTP account fails, one of the previously failed accounts can be reused again, therefore the whole procedure repeats again and again until all your messages are delivered successfully. If there is no available SMTP account to be reused at a certain point of time, Mac Mass Mailer will make a pause after which sending will be resumed.

Another common problem is spam blocking. Normally, your IP address can be blocked if you send messages too fast. Some mail servers consider it DDoS attack and block your IP address for 24 hours. To overcome this problem Mac Mass Mailer features throttling and sending speed management. You can set it up in such a way that your email messages will be delivered in batches by lets say 100 messages per hour, not faster than 1 message per second. This way, Mac Mass Mailer behaves as a normal email client without abusing Internet and email providers. The process is completelly automated, therefore you can simply leave it for a day on its own until all of your messages are successfully delivered.