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Mac Mail is more than just an email client

Mac Mail can be used to send notifications, newsletters, promotions and other email messages to a group of people, often called “Email List”. In this article, you will learn how to create Mac Mail Group Email List in a simple way. You will also get a brief introduction to a whole class of specialized email software tools called “Mass Mailers”. Unlike Mac Mail, mass mailers handle email lists in a much efficient way.

Let’s start from Mac Mail, first. Mac Mail is the standard email client that comes with Mac OS X, which is, in my opinion, a fantastic email program. Mac Mail can also be used to send mass messages to email lists, although it wasn’t designed for this particular purpose in mind. So, it’s kinda tricky here and there.

Keep your email lists in Address Book

You start from the Address Book. That’s where you’re gonna keep your Mac Mail group email list. Address Book lets you organize contacts using groups, so for every email list, you need to create a separate group in Address Book, then add or import people into it.

Here are the exact steps:

  1. Open Address Book from Applications
  2. Add a new group using the [+] button under groups
  3. Give your group a name
  4. Select the group you’ve just created in the list of groups
  5. Add people to the group with the [+] button or import them

If you choose to import people from a CSV file, here is how

If your email list is in a Microsoft Excel or iWork Numbers format, just open it and then save it, or export it as a CSV file. If you have it in any other program, use export to make one. Most of programs should offer this option.

If you already have a CSV file, do make sure your file IS in the CSV format before attempting to import it. You can use Microsoft Excel or iWork Numbers to convert other file types to CSV type.

For more information regarding CSV file format, please, read this post:

To import a CSV file in Address Book, follow these steps:

  1. Lunch Address Book and make sure it’s active
  2. Go to the main menu, and select the File–Import item there
  3. File selector will pop up, and you select your CSV file there
  4. Import wizard will appear, and you should follow its steps
  5. When the import wizard finishes, select the Last Import group
  6. Select all contacts there and move them to the dedicated group

After you finish with the import wizard, your Address Book group will be populated with the people you had in your file. Close Address book. You’ve finished with the first part.

Now you can create your first bulk email message

There is no difference between a regular message and a bulk message in Mac Mail. They are essentially the same with only one difference. Bulk message has more than one address in the To, CC or BCC field. This is how it gets to mailboxes of all the people put in there.

I could stop at this point, because you already know what to do next, but, please, read the entire article to the end, because this matter is a little bit trickier than you think.

To compose a bulk message in Mac Mail do the following:

  1. Open Mac Mail, and then click the New Message button on the toolbar
  2. In the message editor, click the Address Book button to open address picker
  3. Address picker will appear over the message editor window
  4. Select the group with your email list in the address picker
  5. Select all people in the group (use the Command+A key combination)
  6. Click the “BCC” button in the address picker to fill the BCC field
  7. Now you should see all your people in the BCC field of your message
  8. Specify subject and compose the body of your message
  9. Send your message by clicking on the Send button
  10. At this point your bulk message is being delivered to your people

Always put your recipients in BCC, and never in To or CC

Now, the trickiest part. Read carefully! You should always, ALWAYS put your recipients in the BCC field, and never to To or CC. If you do so, you’ll expose your entire email list. In other words, every recipient of the message on the list will see other list members in To or CC, and it’s really bad. In fact, it’s considered to be violation of the Privacy Act. Please, be careful.

Some outgoing email servers disclose email lists even if BCC field is used. So, before making a real mail-out, do a test mail-out using a bunch of your own email address at different providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and so on to ensure your email server does not disclose email lists.

A few words about Mac Mail’s problems

There is another drawback of using Mac Mail for sending bulk email. There are not many email servers on the planet that allow you to use more than 100 people in BCC. Usually, if you use more than 100 people, your message gets rejected, or your email list gets cut to 100 people. Neither is good.

The last problem with Mac Mail and Address Book combination is the lack of email list opt-in and opt-out automation. If you have new people subscribing to your list, you must add them manually to Address Book. If you have people willing to unsubscribe, you go to Address Book, and manually delete them there. If you have bad email addresses, you go to Address Book again, and delete them.

If you are a computer genius, and know how to use Automator, you can automate this by writhing a computer program, but most of people simply cannot do it. So when your list grows to a critical point, you won’t be able to keep using Address Book anymore. It will be a good time to switch to a specialized mass mailer.

Specialized mass mailer solves all problems

Mass mailer is a computer program that is designed for sending bulk email, and does this job extremely well. It works in a similar manner as Mac Mail, but handles large email lists better. Here is what a good mass mailer usually does:

  1. Provides an efficient database to store email lists of up to 1 million addresses each
  2. Automatically adds new people to email lists and removes the ones who wish to unsubscribe
  3. Automatically removes bad and non-existent email addresses that cause bounce backs
  4. Allows you to personalize your messages, and reference personal information in them
  5. Lets you control the pace at which your messages are being sent out
  6. Provides you with a good export and import functionality

MacMassMailer is a mass mailer available for Mac users

Download MacMassMailer30 Day free trial

MacMassMailer meets all these requirements, and offers even more. I use MacMassMailer to send my bulk email and I'm very happy with it.

You can use any mass mailer you like, and there are quite a few of them available for Mac platform. But what I like the most about MacMassMailer is that it sends individual messages to recipients. It creates a separate email message for every recipient with only one address in To. As a result, such a message, when personalized, looks exactly as if it was sent from Mac Mail in person.

MacMassMailer also resolves all the issues described above including this silly 100 recipients at a time limitation. So, again, I really, REALLY like MacMassMailer.

You can safely keep using a Mac Mail group email list if the number of people you have there is less than 100. But if it grows larger, consider switching to MacMassMailer.

Get MacMassMailer for yourself

You can download MacMassMailer by clicking on this big button:

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