Mass Mailer For Mac Is Now Available!

The Newly Released Mass Mailer Works On Any Mac Machine The Same Way As On Windows

If you use Mac OS X along with Windows on specific machines, you really want to have a Mac version of my mass mailer on them also!


Data migration is seamless.

The Mac version of my mass mailer has the same powerful Import/Export feature you can use to move your recipients between your Windows and Mac installations.

Moreover, Mac version of my mass mailer is even better! It looks better, and it is faster and more reliable!

It also has…

The same functionality and the same set of features.

You do not have to learn how to use the Mac version of the mass mailer. You already know how to use it! Just install it on any Mac machine and do whatever you need to do in a usual way.


Both Mac and Windows versions share the same user interface.

Which is nice and intuitive. It features the same Groups-Recipients design principal you have already used to.

I called this Mac version of my mass mailer Mac Mass Mailer

Mac Mass Mailer

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  30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Kirill Vasilyev

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