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To send mass email Mac machine can be used. Up until recently it was very hard to find any mass mailer that would work on Mac, but now the picture changed. Now you can find dozens of mass mailers for Mac OS platform. Of course there are good and bad mass mailers, and it’s good to know which one is the best, but we’ll talk about it later in this post. For now, let’s concentrate on what mass email is, and how to send it from Mac.

Mass email is a message that is sent to a large group of people called email list. People usually willfully subscribe to email list, and at any time may leave it by unsubscribing from it. Often mass email messages contain macros in addition to text in order to reference recipient personal information such as name, birthday, order number and so on. While sending mass email Mac machine resolves macros, and every recipient receives a unique message with his name and other personal details on it, as if it was sent personally to him or her using a regular email client.

You can also send the same message to all your recipients, but it will look spammy, and will be ignored by most of people. So by referencing personal information in your messages, you increase open rate, which is good.

It’s obvious you cannot send thousands of personalized messages using a regular email program. You have to use a mass mailer, and you have to send mass email messages instead of regular email messages.

Mass email message looks like a regular message with only one difference. Mass email message uses macros such as {RECIPIENTNAME} or {ORDERNUMBER} in it, that’s why often it’s called message template. While sending mass email message Mac machine replaces these macros with real information taken from recipient database, and that’s how mass email message turns into a unique regular message when it hits recipient’s mailbox.

Here is an example of a mass email message (message template):

 Thank you for ordering {PRODUCT} on {DATE}.
 Best regards {FROMNAME}.

This template will be resolved to a regular message as follows:

 Dear John!
 Thank you for ordering iPhone on December 12, 2010.
 Best regards Michael.

Also, I want to point out that not many mass mailers for Mac support message templates. Most of them just send the same message to all recipients, meaning your mass messages will always end up in Junk folders.

I tried quite a few mass mailers for Mac and found Mac Mass Mailer, which supports message templates, offers a versatile database, as well as automates subscription, unsubscription and bad address removal.

Download MacMassMailer30 Day free trial

Before sending mass email Mac Mass Mailer checks your website for:

  • New subscribers willing to join your list.
  • Unsubscribe requests.
  • Bounce backs caused by dead addresses.

Then it updates your database by adding new people and removing the ones that either dead or no longer wish to receive your messages. Only then Mac Mass Mailer sends mass email messages. This guarantees that only those who want and can receive your messages will receive them.

You can download Mac Mass Mailer by clicking on the big silver button below:

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