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Mass emailing software is used for sending emails to a large number of people often called “recipients”. These recipients usually join your email list using a subscription web form before you can start sending email messages to them. At any moment, recipients may leave your email list by clicking on your “unsubscribe” link.

Surely, you can do mass emailing using any email program including your regular email client such as Mac Mail or Microsoft Outlook, but there is no point in that, and I’ll explain you why.

Mass emailing software not only sends mass messages, but also automates subscription, unsubscription, and removal of bad addresses. It also lets you personalize your messages, and reference recipient personal information through macros, which cannot be achieved with a regular email program.

Mac Mail, Eudora, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail and other known email programs work with the standard Address Book which is built into the operating system. Address Book has a limited functionality, and is not designed for holding millions of recipients with thousands coming in and out every day.

As opposed to that, mass emailing software works with a high-performance database, and can easily handle even more than that. It also offers a much better import and export functionality so you can move your existing email lists in and out easier.

There are a lot of different mass emailing software packages for sale on the Internet, but only a few of them actually work. So if you are looking for one, make sure it does what you need and does it well. Most of these packages exist in 30-day trials, and before buying, you can thoroughly test the one you want to own.

Another thing to consider is operating system you use. There are mass emailing software products for Mac and for PC, and if you use both, you may need to get 2 different versions: one for Mac and another one for PC. I own Mac Book Pro laptop with Mac OS on it, and my desktop computer is a PC with Windows, so I use 2 different mass emailing software packages at the same time.

I use Mac Mass Mailer on my Mac Book Pro laptop, and Advanced Emailer for my Windows desktop PC. Both products are fantastic, and they do the job quite well.

If you need more information about Mac Mass Mailer, click on this button:

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