Press Release

Effective communications are essential for business success. In today’s world of tight competition, a company with the best customer service wins. Great customer service is not limited to answering customer’s questions. What about sending a friendly follow-up email offering assistance with their new purchase? What about letting them know that you have a price decrease on an item they are interested in? Finally, what about sending out a newsletter to your subscribers?

Of course, if you have hundreds or thousands of clients, it is close to impossible to write a personal message to every customer. In order to deliver your messages to all the recipients, you are forced to set up some sort of automation. Usually that means that the same message is being mass-mailed to your entire customer base.

But then, what happens to the good customer service? Do you consider “Dear Madam/Sir” an acceptable substitute to addressing the customer by his or her name? The developers of Mac Mass Mailer certainly don’t!

With Mac Mass Mailer, every customer of your company is always approached with a personal greeting. You no longer have to send numerous separate emails with content that needs to be modified from message to message. Thanks to Mac Mass Mailer’s extensive support for templates, you can have as many fields describing your customers as you need, including their names and preferred greetings. You can then use these fields in a message template so that each recipient will receive a unique, highly personalized message.

Moreover, after you finished with the above problem, you are presented with another challenge. You must try and deliver all of these messages to your customers. Did you ever try sending a bulk of emails from your Mac computer only to find out that half of your recipients never received anything from you? This is a very common situation today, as messages get lost on the way or blocked by spam filters. Mac Mass Mailer solves this problem by using Apple Mail as a delivery agent, providing reliable delivery of all your messages. Apple Mail is a trusted email delivery platform with a proven reliability record.

You need to overcome limitations imposed by your email provider. Normally, almost all email providers allow you to send not more than 100 messages per hour. If you need to send lets say 5000 messages, it will be a real problem. Fortunately, Mac Mass Mailer supports multiple SMTP accounts, throttling and automatic SMTP account switching that let you deal with this problem. You simply add all your SMTP accounts, and Mac Mass Mailer will switch between them automatically making pauses when it is necessary.

If you use a conventional email client to send your messages, it’s a hit or miss situation whether or not your emails are actually delivered. With Mac Mass Mailer, you’ll never have to guess again! Thanks to its sophisticated reporting, you will see in an instant which of your recipients has received your messages and who has not. Recipients who successfully received your messages are marked green, and those who did not are marked red.

In a larger company, you probably have several groups of recipients on your list. For example, you would send one message to your newsletter subscribers and a different one to those customers who only wanted to hear about product updates. Some customers would like to receive only one newsletter, some would like to receive another, but some would get both of them. Imagine maintaining this in a regular mail client. And that’s not even considering that you might have more than just one product!

With Mac Mass Mailer, you don’t have to buy separate licenses to support multiple groups. A single product will serve as many lists of recipients as you have!

Improve your company’s customer service!¬†Download a free evaluation version of Mac Mass Mailer and¬†see how it improves your business!