Privacy Policy

When you buy Mac Mass Mailer, my shopping cart provider has to collect some personal information about you, such as your Credit Card number, your name, your address and so on.

This information is not gathered on my web site. Only the certified shopping card provider SWREG that I use, has access to it for a limited time in order to process your order.

When you submit your order, you do it directly on the main web site of SWREG that collects and keeps all your information in a secure manner. This web site is well protected and has all necessary website security certificates that can be easily verified. SWREG is one of the oldest shopping cart providers trusted by millions of software vendors and customers.

If you do not wish to give your credit card over the Internet, SWREG has toll free telephone and FAX numbers, standing by to take your order in 16 countries (see your options on the order form).

Once your personal information is collected by SWREG, neither SWREG nor I will use it for any purpose other than sending you an invoice and an activation keycode to activate Mac Mass Mailer.

I also reserve the right to notify you by email if a new version of MacMassMailer is released, or if any other product or service that complements Mac Mass Mailer becomes available.

I will not, under any circumstances, sell, give out or otherwise share your personal information with any third party service or provider in any way, unless explicitly required by law.

I do not keep the personal information of my clients anywhere on my servers or personal computers, meaning your sensitive information is always secure.