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It’s easy to send bulk email from Mac

And you can do it in two different ways. But before talking about how to do it, I would like to spend some time on explaining what bulk email is and what it isn’t. Because, it looks like many people are mistaking bulk mail for spam.

Bulk email vs spam, spam, spam…

Well, first of all spam is always unsolicited, it does not let people to unsubscribe from it, and it always advertises something or offers some kind of scam. Normal bulk email is never unsolicited. People wilfully subscribe, and can unsubscribe at any moment. Good bulk email messages rarely advertise something directly. They are usually informative (e-magazines, e-courses, e-books, notifications, updates, newsletters and reports), or provide subscribers with special offers, discounts and money saving opportunities.

So, in short, good bulk email messages are beneficial to people who receive them as well as for those who send them. Spam is always beneficial for sender, and is most likely a trap for the receiver.

What you need to know before even trying to send bulk email

Now let’s talk about how to send bulk email Mac offers 2 ways of sending bulk messages, you can send them using Mac Mail or a mass mailer for Mac. There are several things you should consider before going ahead. You need to:

  1. Keep your email list somewhere on your Mac computer.
  2. Add and remove people from your email list regularly.
  3. Be able to import your existing customers to your list.
  4. Have an ability to send thousands of messages efficiently.
  5. Ensure you are not exposing all list members in your messages.

No matter how you send your bulk email messages from your Mac, all 5 conditions must be met.

How to use Mac Mail to send bulk email

So the first option you have is 100% free, and readily available without installation of any third-party software products. You can use Mac Mail to send bulk email to small lists of up to several hundred people. And here is how you can do it:

  1. Open Address Book and import your existing email list using the File–Import menu item.
  2. Create a group in Address Book for your email list by clicking on the [+] button under groups.
  3. Select the Last Import group in Address Book, select all people there and move them to your new group.
  4. Select the group and add other people that weren’t in the file using the [+] button under the list of people.
  5. Start Mac Mail and compose a new message by clicking on the New Message button.
  6. Click on the Address Book button located on top of the message editor displaying your new message.
  7. In the Address Book picker, select the group where you imported your list, and select all people in it.
  8. Press the “Bcc:” button in the Address Book picker, to add all selected people to the “BCC” list of your new message.
  9. Compose your bulk message, and then click on the Send button in the message editor to send it.
  10. In no time the message will be sent to your email server for delivery.

When you send bulk email Mac Mail will simply send the entire message with email list to your mail server. It does not mean that the message will immediately pop up in mailboxes of your subscribers. It will take a considerable amount of time on the server side to create separate messages and forward them to recipient’s mailboxes. This is how it works.

Pros of Mac Mail:

  • 100% free.
  • Readily available.
  • No need to install anything.
  • Works well for small lists.

Cons of Mac Mail:

  • Hard to maintain large email lists in Apple Address Book.
  • Address Book import is inconvenient and time-consuming.
  • Subscription and unsubscription cannot be automated.
  • Automatic removal of bad addresses in impossible.
  • Doesn’t work for large lists of more than several hundred people.
  • Bulk messages cannot be personalized.
  • Impossible to reference personal details in bulk messages.

How to use MacMassMailer to send bulk email

The second option is to use any good third-party mass mailer for Mac to send bulk email messages. It will require you to buy a mass mailer that will do the job. Mass mailers are not expensive, and you can get one for less than a hundred dollars.

I use MacMassMailer to send bulk email Mac. I’ve tried other options in the past and they didn’t work as good as MacMassMailer did. So MacMassMailer is my best choice.

Now, I’ll explain you in details how you can send bulk email using MacMassMailer mass mailer.

  1. Download and install MacMassMailer from
  2. Start MacMassMailer for the first time, and New Email List wizard will pop over.
  3. Follow the steps of the New Email List wizard to create a new dummy email list.
  4. Enter a name of a new recipient group, your FROM name and FROM email address.
  5. Add one email address to this group (you can add your own address for testing).
  6. Enter other details this wizard asks for (read help for details).
  7. Compose your bulk email message.
  8. Enter outgoing SMTP settings (the same settings you use in Mac Mail)
  9. When New Email List wizard finishes, you can import your existing subscribers.
  10.  To import, click on the Import button, and follow the steps of Import wizard.
  11.  You can now click the Start button to send messages to your recipients.
  12.  It will take some time to deliver your messages, watch the progress bar.

Pros of MacMassMailer:

  • Easy to install, set up and use.
  • Works extremely well for large and extra large email lists.
  • Easy to maintain large email lists of up to 1 million people each.
  • Good Import that lets your import people from any software and files.
  • Subscription and unsubscription is fully automated.
  • Automatically removes bad addresses using bounce backs.
  • Your bulk email messages can be easily personalized using templates.
  • You can reference any personal details in your bulk messages.
  • Email list files are portable, you can take them with you.
  • Multiple SMTP accounts are supported to increase sending limits.

Cons of MacMassMailer:

  • Costs $97, which is a bit steep (however usability compensates it).
  • No other cons.

Thumbs up for MacMassMailer

So conclusion here is, if you need to send bulk email from your Mac, consider buying MacMassMailer, even if your list is still small. Because it will eventually grow to the size Mac Mail won’t handle, you will have to buy MacMassMailer anyway, and as a result you will have to transfer your email lists once more.

Using Mac Mail can also be dangerous. If you put your recipients in the “To” or “CC” field of your message accidentally, you will expose your entire email list, and anyone receiving your message, will see all members of the list. You should never do that ever! Because it’s a major privacy violation.

With MacMassMailer, this won’t happen. MacMassMailer always sends individual messages with only one email address in “To”.

With Mac Mail you have to manually add new people in Address Book when they subscribe to your list, and you have to manually remove the ones who wish to unsubscribe. Every time you get bad email addresses, you have to go to Address Book and manually remove them, which is a big head ache.

In MacMassMailer it’s automated. You click on the (Un)Subscribe button, MacMassMailer checks your website for subscribe and unsubscribe requests, and updates your email list automatically. It also automatically removes people with bad email addresses from your email lists.

So thumbs up for MacMassMailer!

Download MacMassMailer now

You can download MacMassMailer by clicking on this big button:

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