Sending Bulk Email

Good solution or a cheap fix?

Sending bulk email is easy. No matter whether you have Mac or PC, you can send bulk email from it. In this article you will learn how to do it in an easy and efficient way.

As with everything, usually, there is a cheap fix, and there is a good solution, and I’ll try to touch upon both. If you don’t need to send bulk email on a regular basis, or you don’t have extra hundred bucks, go for the cheap fix. Otherwise, a good solution for sending bulk email is recommended.

Cheap fix (Quick & Dirty)

You can use your regular email client for sending bulk email. On Mac, you can use Mac Mail or Eudora. On PC you can use Microsoft Live Mail, Microsoft Outlook, or The Bat. It does not matter. Whatever you have and use will work just fine.

If you need to do a one-time only mail-out to a temporary email list, just collect your addresses in a text document, separate them with line breaks, or with commas, then select the entire content of the file, and copy it to the clipboard/pasteboard.

Create a new empty message in your email client, and then paste email addresses to the BCC field of the message.

Compose your message and press the Send button to send it out. Your message will be delivered to all the addresses you put in the BCC field.

Please, don’t put your addresses in the To or CC field. This is very important! If you do so, you will expose your entire email list in every message you send.

Cheap fix (A Little Bit Better)

You use the same email client the same way described above, with only one difference. You keep your recipients in the address book, that comes with your email client. In case of Mac Mail, you use Apple Address Book, in case of Microsoft Live Mail, you use Windows Address Book, and so on.

If you do so, you can reuse your email list, and send bulk email messages to the people who are on the list on a regular basis. You can also add new people to this list and remove the ones who wish to unsubscribe.

Almost any address book lets you import contacts. Usually from CSV files. If you have no idea what CSV files are, please, read this post:

The new subscribers coming in daily, have to be added to your address book manually or through Import. And the existing subscribers willing to unsubscribe, have to be removed from the address book by hand. That’s the only major inconvenience.

If you wish to automate these things, go for a good bulk email solution I’m gonna describe later in this post.

Once you have your email list in your address book, all you need to do is to compose a new message, then press the Addresses or Address Book button on the message, then select all necessary recipients in the address book, and then move them to the BCC field of your message.

Press Send to deliver your bulk email message.

Problems of the Cheap Fix

Using this cheap fix for sending bulk email has disadvantages. Most of email servers rarely allow you to use more than 100 email addresses in the BCC field. So you have to create 10 separate messages with 100 different recipients in BCC, if you need to send the same message to 1000 people.

If you need to send more messages, you will need to create more separate messages. So based on my experience, the cheap fix is good for email lists of up to 1000 people only.

If you need to work with larger email lists, go for a better bulk email solution, described below.

Good Solution for Sending Bulk Email

This solution requires you to install a third-party bulk email software on your machine, which may cost you somewhere between $60 and $100 bucks.

But, if you do so, you will be able to:

  • Automate addition and removal of subscribers in your address book – People willing to subscribe to your email list will be added automatically, and people willing to unsubscribe, will be removed automatically too.
  • Automate removal of people with bad email addresses – If a person deletes his or her email account, or blocks you as a sender, you start getting bounce backs every time you send messages to this address. A good bulk email software uses these bounce backs to remove bad email addresses that cause them.
  • Send as many messages in one shot as you want – Using a cheap email service such as Amazon SES, you can send millions of messages paying only $10 per month. Using a couple of free Gmail and Yahoo accounts, you can send up to 50,000 messages per month absolutely free.
  • Personalize your messages – You can mention personal details such as names, birthdays, order numbers, products ordered and so on in your messages. This makes your messages look natural and more attractive.

Mac users can use Mac Mass Mailer for sending bulk email and Windows users can use Advanced Emailer. I used both programs on both platforms quite successfully.

If you need more information about Mac Mass Mailer, click on this button:

If you need more information about Advanced Emailer, click on this button:

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