YES, You Asked And I Listened Carefully!

The New iMac Mailer Now Has All The Features That You Have Been Waiting For So Long...

I just released the new version of my mass mailer, and it is so much better than the current one that you’re gonna love it from the first look!

I changed it’s name, and called it iMacMailer, because I consider it a mass mailer of new generation. But first of all, before I even begin, I want to touch upon the most important feature ever implemented in iMacMailer…

iMac Mailer now supports Amazon SES for nearly 100% deliverability and unlimited number of messages you can send daily very cheap!!!
So what is Amazon SES, and why do you need it?

Amazon SES was developed by Amazon to help people like you to send thousands of email messages a day at close-to-zero costs. They have delivery arrangements with all known email providers meaning your messages will always be appearing in Inboxes and not in Spam folders.

Now you can open an account with Amazon SES, and use it in iMacMailer as an outgoing email account. Just Download the new MassMailer to be able to use Amazon SES.

Amazon SES Mac

Unlike the old mass mailer, the new iMacMailer is a true Mac OS X application offering a much better user experience, because…

iMac Mailer has a Mail-like user interface that is handy and good-looking

iMac Mailer User Interface

Since iMacMailer looks and feels like Apple Mail, you already know how to use it. You don’t have to spend you precious time learning new things. Command bars, context menus, and functional panels work the same way as in Mail.

Finally, you can now…
Hide, show and reorder columns in your lists and sort by any column

Move Columns

Hide show columns and sort

You reorder your lists by any column shown in the table view by just clicking on the column header as you normally do in any good Mac application. You hide and show columns by using either the header view’s context menu or the small corner button on the right side of the header view.

The next feature that you asked for is…
Multiple selections in the lists and bulk operations on selections such as delete, cut & paste and drag & drop
And… You got it!

Multiple Selections

Now you can select multiple recipients in a list, and then delete them, copy to the pasteboard or move them to a different list.

Message creation and editing became much easier with…
Message templates and a brand new message editor

This is how you now create your messages:

Create Messages

This is how you now edit your HTML messages:

And That’s Not All!

iMac Mailer has a new much better sending engine, which is faster and more reliable.

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  30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Kirill Vasilyev

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