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Mac Mass Mailer – Benefits

  • Multiplies Sales 5 Times On Average – Most visitors coming to your website usually never buy your product on their first visit. By using Mac Mass Mailer you can easily convert most of them into paying customers by subscribing them to your free newsletter, “wish list” and “add to cart hot list”.
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  • Generates Repeat Sales Every Day – Once subscribed to your free email newsletter, people usually stay subscribed as long as they keep receiving helpful information from you. You use Mac Mass Mailer to send offers, promotions and reminders from time to time, and as a result you get repeat sales on a regular basis.
  • Increases Average Order Value By 40% – After you get a sale, use Mac Mass Mailer to offer any other products and services to the customer that complement his or her original purchase. It is totally fine to do any sorts of “up-sells” and “cross-sells” as long as they are related to the original purchase.
  • Inexpensive To Obtain And Use – You pay only a small fee for Mac Mass Mailer, one time. You pay nothing for sending your newsletters unless your choose to use any third-party high-performance bulk email account along with Mac Mass Mailer. You can also use Mac Mass Mailer with any cheap dedicated web server to deliver tens of thousands of email newsletters a day.
  • Saves Your Precious Time – Mac Mass Mailer automates every aspect of email marketing from email list keeping to newsletter distribution. It automatically handles “subscribe” and “unsubscribe” requests, removes bad addresses and does other good things on autopilot that otherwise would take hours if not days to complete.

Mac Mass Mailer – Features

  • Easy Email List Management – You can deal with as many mailing lists at the same time as you want. You can copy subscribers across mailing lists, and create new targeted mailing lists based on a number of existing mailing lists. You can also easily customize your subscriber database to keep various personal details such as street addresses, birthdays, and so on.
  • Subscribe And Unsubscribe Automation – Adds new people to your mailing lists and removes the ones who wants to unsubscribe automatically. You do not need to spend your time anymore to manually sort this out, and the new people are added to your mailing lists along with all the personal details submitted through the “subscribe” web form.
  • Automatic Bounce-Back Management – Automatically removes people from your mailing lists whose email addresses are invalid or non-existent. Manual Removal of bad email addresses based on messages sent by “MAILER-DAEMON” is hard and time consuming. You have much better things to do.
  • Email Message Personalization – Allows you to double “open rate” of your email newsletters by giving you an ability to reference and mention subscriber’s personal details. You can use personal salutations such as “John, I am glad…”, mention ordered products, telephone numbers, and other personal information to make your newsletters grab attention better.
  • Import/Export Of Email Lists – Allows you to transfer people from Address Book or other program (such as Mail) to Mac Mass Mailer, and the other way around. Mac Mass Mailer supports most of known and unknown file formats, and can extract email addresses from any documents you have on your computer.
  • Quick Search & Easy Filtering – Lets you search for people and quickly create new targeted mailing lists based on a specific criteria. If you need to target people from a certain country, no problem! Just filter your mailing list by country-specific domain extension, select all matching people, then Copy and Paste them to a new email list.
  • Multiple Email Accounts – Gives you an ability to send thousands of messages a day absolutely FREE! Just create a bunch of email accounts with different free email providers, and add them all to the list of email accounts in Mac Mass Mailer. As a result, Mac Mass Mailer will switch between them automatically when necessary without interrupting the process of sending.
  • Fast Sending And Great Deliverability – Noting saves your time better than fast sending! Mac Mass Mailer works extremely fast and delivers all your messages to your subscribers with a minimal “bounce rate”.
  • Convenient User Interface – You can Cut & Paste and Drag & Drop recipients and letters across your mailing lists and between your mailing lists and other programs (such as Address Book, Mail, TextEdit, iWork, Microsoft Office, and so on). Mac Mass Mailer also features a great message editor that lets you compose and edit your messages in 3 different formats (plain-text, rich-text ans HTML).

Mac Mass Mailer – Look & Feel

Mac Mass Mailer - Screen Shot

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  30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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