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This article is about email marketing. Email marketing is a great tool that can be used to increase sales by at least 30%. It’s not spam, it’s totally legal, and if done correctly, can even triple your sales.

You can do email marketing from your Mac, if you use specialized email marketing software for Mac OS, which recently became readily available for Mac users. But before discussing email marketing software, I’ll try to explain why you need email marketing after all.

Usually people sell products and services utilizing this simple model:

  1. Customer searches the Internet and finds your website.
  2. Customer finds a required product on your website and buys it.
  3. Customer gets the product in the mail, or downloads it.
  4. Customers forgets about your website and never visits it again.

This model has a lot of disadvantages. On every stage your customer may leave your website without making a purchase, especially if there is not enough information on your website about the product the customer is looking for.

So what can we do to keep a customer close from the moment he or she reaches our website till the moment he or she makes a purchase? And how can we turn our paying customers into happy repeat customers?

Here is the plan, and to achieve the stated above, we need to:

  1. Offer a free and helpful newsletter, report, e-book or software to all website visitors if they subscribe to your email list.
  2. Deliver your free product to the new subscribers promptly using email marketing software for mac.
  3. Send an offer about the product you sell on your website to your email list subscribers 3 times on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  4. Add your paying customers to a different email list, and start sending a different message once a week with an offer about related products that complement the original purchase.
  5. Don’t forget to include an unsubscribe link in your messages so people could easily take themselves off your email list if they want to.
  6. Send only a high-quality, really helpfulĀ  content; this way people will stay subscribed longer.

Now let’s talk about email marketing software for Mac. There are a lot of choices, but as with anything else, there are good products and bad products.

I spent months trying to find good email marketing software products for Mac OS, and finally found a really nice one. It’s Mac Mass Mailer. It’s good because it:

  • Offers a convenient database to keep email lists.
  • Sends email messages efficiently.
  • Offers message personalization.
  • Automatically adds and removes people as they subscribe and unsubscribe.
  • Automatically removes bad email addresses as they appear.
  • Works with multiple email accounts to increase sending limits.
  • Lets me import recipients from any files and programs.

You can download Mac Mass Mailer from here:

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