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Who needs a fully-featured mass mailer

Whether you run a small business or work in a large company, there always is a problem of communicating with lots of existing customers. It does not matter whether you send newsletters, notifications or invoices; each customer should be served individually. You have to send email messages personally and use customer names and other personal information in your messages. If you use a regular mail client, you know well how long it takes to create a hundred of personal messages. And what if we are talking about thousands of messages? This job would be impossible without using a mass mailer offering message templates and recipient database.

The main advantages of Mac Mass Mailer

Mac Mass Mailer is a fully-featured mass mailer specially designed for Apple Macintosh computer. It offers everything you need to create and maintain separate mailing lists for different needs and send mass messages directly form your Mac at a very high speed. Mac Mass Mailer uses Apple Mail’s framework to deliver your messages. It means that 100% of your email messages will get delivered properly to recipient mailboxes as if they were delivered by Apple Mail in a regular way.

Personalize your messages using templates

The recipient database is fully customizable. You can add as many recipient fields as you want and use them in message templates for the purpose of personalizing your messages. Each recipient will receive individualized message as if it were separately sent with Apple Mail personally for him in a regular way.

Creating messages is as simple as in Apple Mail

A number of email message templates and messages can be stored in a mailing list. Message creation mechanism is the same as in Apple Mail. Each message may contain colourful text in different fonts, pictures and attachments. You can even copy a HTML document to the clipboard and then paste it to the message editor of Mac Mass Mailer if you already have one ready to be sent.

Work with separate mailing projects or mailing groups

The program produces separate document files for each mailing list you create. Each document contains a number of recipient groups. Each recipient group acts as a separate mailing list. It means you can have a number of mailing lists within a single document. This is useful if you deal with only a few mailing lists. You can use only one mailing list document in this case.

Suspend and resume sending later at any time

Mac Mass Mailer also lets you suspend your current sending and resume it later at any time. All you need to do is to press the Cancel button on the sending progress window and save your mailing list. Then you just open the program and start sending anew. The program will automatically detect the place where you stopped and prompt you to continue sending starting from the previously saved state. Because every mailing project is stored in a separate file, each project can be suspended and resumed independently.

Working with log files is as simple as one, two and three

Sending statistics is greatly visualized. You do not have to deal with log files you do not understand. It is simple as one, two and three; in your mailing groups, the successful recipients become green, the bad recipients become red and the unprocessed ones stay black as they were before you hit the Start Sending button.

Powerful import and export lets you use your existing data

Another great feature of the program is Import and Export. You can import email addresses and other recipient information from any external files and export what you have in your mailing projects to plain-text files in either CSV or tab-delimited format. This gives you a tremendous power and lets you use Mac Mass Mailer as a part of a bigger system.

You can use the data that is stored in your documents, spreadsheets, databases and other programs in Mac Mass Mailer. You can pre-format your source files in Apple Works before importing them; or use Mac Mass Mailer as an editor to edit your existing mailing lists.

Mac Mass Mailer can import email addresses from files and file directories. If you use a file directory, the program will recursively extract emails from all the files stored within a specified directory structure.

You can also import the full dataset from pre-formatted plain-text files. The program supports all types of pre-formatted source files such as different CSV and tab-delimited files using or not using different text qualifiers. When you import data from a pre-formatted file, you will be prompted with a variety of format options and a preview table will be shown where you evaluate correctness of the options.

Automatic SMTP server switching and throttling let you overcome email provider limits

Use multiple SMTP accounts and Mac Mass Mailer’s automatic SMTP account switching, throttling and sending speed management to overcome the hourly and daily limits imposed by email providers. When the current SMTP account fails due to provider’s limitation, Mac Mass Mailer will pause it, and the next available SMTP account will be used. This scenario will repeat itself until all your messages will be delivered successfully.

Easy SMTP account setup with automatic SMTP settings detection

When you add a SMTP account in Mac Mass Mailer, you just specify SMTP server host, user name and password. The other settings such as SSL/TLS and port number are detected automatically. No guessing anymore.

User interface of Mac Mass Mailer is professionally designed

The user interface of Mac Mass Mailer is professionally designed according to the Mac OS X guidelines and as a result is very easy-to-learn. Help book and context hints are also available.

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